Why We Are Special

Integrated Support Solutions takes extreme pride in what we do. We come together to form a team and conquer all obstacles together. We are one, and that shows in the work we do for our clients. The President of our company Steven Eisner, has a passion for life, work and people. We are the best at what we do because we know our “why” and why we do it. Its our passion to deliver excellent quality service to make you feel at home.. Each and every employee is dedicated and committed. ISSI employees are here to serve and make life easier for those around them, whether its food service or
housekeeping. We perform with a smile and insure the job is completed with style and care.

You will never walk into a hospital or school cafe the same way with ISSI serving your needs. We take it up a notch and you will be blown away.

Every now and then you come across that special company, a company that will serve your every need and cater to you, making you feel like you are their only client…that is ISSI.

We are issi

We are here for you, and have a passion for all we do. Please give us a call if we can be of service

Our Guiding Principles

Integrity–Performance–Team Work–Customer Satisfaction

The Guiding Principles are the commitment each and every ISSI team member agrees to in our ongoing business relationship with our customers and with each other. We require each and every ISSI team member to be knowledgeable of, and abide by our Guiding Principles.

  1. I will do what I say I am going to do.
  2. I resolve to create an environment of mutual trust, respect, and support. Where active coaching and feedback are a way of life.
  3. I agree to timely and accountable decision making with a bias toward mindful action without fear.
  4. I am committed to timely, accurate and open communication at all levels of the organization.
  5. I will allow myself to be vulnerable in my transactions and to respect the vulnerability of others.
  6. I will work toward a healthy balance between my work and my personal life.
  7. I resolve to treat everyone I come in contact with, with dignity and respect.
  8. No gossip, eliminate drama. I’ll pass negatives up for positives all around. High performance outcomes, delegation with trust and a passion for what we do is a part of me.
  9. Sacred cows have no place in our organization. We stick by our principles. We challenge established tradition.
  10. HUMBLE, HUNGRY, SMART these are the characteristics our leaders possess.
  11. As a leader, I will continue to foster strength in my employees and strive to mentor those who exemplify and embrace our guiding principles.
  12. We start with the customer and work backwards. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers.
  13. Insist on the highest standards. We have relentlessly high standards. People may think these standards are unreasonably high, they’re not. Defects are not forgotten of ignored, problems are fixed so they stay fixed.
  14. We listen attentively, speak candidly and treat others respectfully. We are vocally self-critical, even when doing so is awkward or embarrassing. Leaders do not believe their or their team’s actions are always correct. They measure themselves and their teams against the best.
  15. The passion I bring to my position is a reflection of who I am and how I want to be thought of by others.