Food Services

ISSI Eats True Food

Let the vibrant colors and succulent flavors of in season fruit and veggies fill your café with life.

Each month ISSI promotes a new ingredient that will make your mouth water. In concert with our dieticians and corporate chef, we put together a fabulous selection for your palate on a monthly basis and locally acquired as much as possible. The recipe, nutritional analysis and health benefits of the main ingredient are available at your fingertips. If that’s not enough, we provide live demos for those interested.

Our focus is creativity, health, and nutrition. “Every bite counts for a Healthier You!”


Custom Fit Menu

Our cutting edge culinary team works with you to build a menu that reflects the the needs, wants and expectations of you and your team.

We will build a menu to suit your taste buds. Your wish is our command and we will do it with style and grace. We have an extensive portfolio which takes your café from ordinary to extraordinary. We differentiate our service by providing a trained chef for your location. This is another way ISSI is able to increase your quality while reducing your operating costs

When it comes to patient food, our chefs and registered dietitians work hand in hand to provide the prescriptive menu as requested by the physician


Farm to Table

ISSI brings the farm to you in everyway we can. We have personal relationships with locally sourced farms, that look to us to hand craft their produce and speciality items, that are infused into your menu.

We look at things such as sugar cane products instead of high frutose corn syrup. We cater to different dietary needs such as Organic, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, and no GMO’s as it pretains to our values.

We look to our farmers for recipe recommendations as their knowledge of the product may enhance how we prepare and serve. ISSI knows the importance of freshness and quality.

WE believe it is important to know what is in your food, and how that contributes to your overall health. Rest assured you can trust us to do just that.

Educational materials are provided for training

Corporate and Business Dining

ISSI’s expertise in corporate and business dining management, refines the quality and service in your location, while simultaneously improving your bottom line. This mutually beneficial relationship is what motivates corporate headquarters, government complexes, healthcare locations and various other organizations to successfully partner with ISSI.

We work efficiently and professionally to revitalize your dining space, providing extremely qualified staff, while introducing the most contemporary menus to your employees and clientele. Our onsite chefs have the training and talent to tailor the menu to the ambiance of the venue. Whether it is an executive dining room, museum bistro café, modular station set-up in a government center or entertainment office building. We offer fresh, high quality ingredients at very competitive rates as well as uniquely flexible people and programs to bring your expectations to reality.

This is what sets us apart.


We’re not trying to change the game, we are just trying to be the best.

Recipe Eureka!

Change it up! Our chefs are constantly breaking out of their comfort zones and having fun with new concepts, flavors, and ideas.

Any occasion warrants a Pop-up idea. Sports season, holiday celebrations, and sometimes just for any old reason. We encourage you to step outside your box as well and welcome in all the fun of exploration.

Healthcare Food Services

Food plays a critical role in the healing process and hospital readmission rates. We train our staff to prepare every meal with care and accuracy, and then check again.Our internationally trained Executive Chef, has carefully chosen each ingredient to shatter the outmoded stereotype of hospital food.

We have food management programs to support all patient diets and conditions. We can also assist large scale meal planning or nutritional intake. Your patients’ dietary needs are the center of our healthcare nourishment division.

Please have our chef prepare a sample menu for you. It is our mission to help your patients recover and stay healthy.

We guarantee our delicious fare. Let us show you how we can delight your patients with fresh, healthy menu items, designed to keep them on the road to recovery.